Please read this as breach of these conditions could constitute termination of your membership as per section 2.03 of the Constitution. The decision on this lies exclusively within the EHRS board, who will deal with the matter expeditiously.

  • Membership policy. Membership is for an individual person and not a company or organisation. Membership rights cannot be extrapolated to cover membership for a company or organisation if a member is employed by this entity.
  • Endorsement policy. The EHRS name, logo or artworks may not be used to endorse any product or service without explicit written permission of the EHRS board.
  • Ethical behaviour policy. Members are expected to act ethically in their professional lives. When actions of a member are considered to bring the EHRS into disrepute, these actions can lead to termination of membership. For example, proven academic/medical misconduct, abuse of the EHRS name and logo.
  • Social media and online policy. When posting on social media, please ensure it is clear the opinions are your own and not those of the EHRS. Defamatory comments or unethical behaviour online which harm the reputation of the society can lead to termination of membership.
  • Conference policy. EHRS members should follow conference etiquette when attending EHRS meetings. Continuous breaches of conference etiquette can lead to termination of membership. Examples include soliciting speaker invitations from the conference committee or session chair, repeatedly (more than once) submitting poster abstracts for the published abstract book without ever bringing a poster to present; or recording conference presentations on an electronic device, without the express permission of the local organising committee.