Travel Award Recipients

Travel Award Recipients

Tayyebe Vafaee

Deficiencies in the Paracrine Signalling System of Stem Cell Factor (Scf) and Its Receptor, C-Kit, Occur in Human Hair Greying

Enikõ Bodó

Hair Follicles Express Functional Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Thyroid (HPT) Axis-Related Elements

Erythropoietin: a New Player in Hair Follicle Biology

Sobia Kauser

Age-Associated Down-Regulation of Catalase in Human Scalp Hair Follicle Melanocytes

Katie Shorter

How Does Minoxidil Stimulate Hair Growth? - a Mechanism Via Potassium Channels in Human Hair Follicles

Lotta Seppinen

Endostatin Overexpression in the Skin Interferes With Hair Follicle Development

Adiam Bahta

p16ink4a Mediated Premature Senescence of Balding Dermal Papilla Cells

Kathrin Giehl

Pili Annulati-Reduction of Candidate Region to 2.9 Mb By Genetic Analysis of 4 Additional Families With Pili Annulati and Expression Analysis of Genes in the Critical Region

Amadé Bregy

No association between serum ferritin levels and hair loss activity in otherwise healthy women

Inge Zemite

Hair loss diagnosis tool or ALGORITHM

Mostafa Faghihi Habibabadi

Iron Deficiency-Induced Hair Loss Due to Incorrect Dietetic habits in Iran.


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