Scientific Board

Board members of the European Hair Research Society (EHRS)
President Andrew Messenger, MD, United Kingdom
Secretary Rolf Hoffmann, MD, Germany
Treasurer Michael Philpott, PhD, United Kingdom
Members P. Freyschmidt-Paul, Germany
B.M. Piraccini, Italy
P. Reygagne, France
Scientific Committee

Ulrike Blume-Peytavi, Berlin, Germany
Rolf Hoffmann, Freiburg, Germany
Andrew Messenger, Sheffield, UK
Michael P. Philpott, London, UK
Bianca-Maria Piraccini, Bologna, Italy
Pascal Reygagne, Paris, France
Ralph M. Trüeb, Zurich, Switzerland
and the Swiss Trichology Study Group

Swiss Trichology Study Group
President Ralph M. Trüeb, Zurich
Secretary Peter Itin, Aarau
Treasurer Myriam Wyss, Meilen
Members Anita Bon, St. Gallen
Stefano Gilardi, Locarno
Pierre de Viragh, Zürich
Local Organizing Committee
Congress President Ralph M. Trüeb, MD
Congress Secretaries Jivko Kamarachev, MD
Christian Schuster, MD
Scientific Organization Prof. Ralph M. Trüeb, MD
Department of Dermatology
University Hospital of Zurich
Administrative Secretariat Convention Team Lucerne AG
Oberseeburg 10
CH-6006 Lucerne
Media Relations Catherine Frey-Blanc
Website Dr. Jürg. Ch. Meyer, PhD

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