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Hair is happiness !

This is not a provocative statement restricted to the behaviour of to-days’ human beings. All mammals keep themselves busy – at least to some extent – and care about their hair coat. The development of appendeageal structures has been “the way” evolution has chosen to allow progress. Yet another efficient modality of non – verbal communication with the environment.

The hair follicle, with its complex structural – functional organisation, has been identified as a sanctuary for stem cells. Some speculate that it may even become key to the evaluation of organ regeneration in man. As a consequence human hair and the hair follicle have acquired a status of “noble” material for high-tech scientific studies and sophisticated biological investigations. The renewed interest of scientists will undoubtedly stimulate innovative activities in other fields.

This move may explain why the organisation of this meeting is being held under the auspices of distinguished members of the Brussels’ and Walloon Government. The support of these Patrons testifies that European Governing bodies should understand the potential of crossing bridges between cultures across the Euroland and abroad. There is indeed a basic need for further networking in order to favour the expansion of the knowledge generated inside our sharp edged group.

As organiser, I invite all participants – biologists, physicists, engineers, computer scientists, cosmeticists – to cross talk with those who are first line facing the complaints of the affected patients. These colleagues are trying hard to find medical or surgical solutions to the scalp and hair problems. I trust that the Brussels’ event will become another milestone in the multidisciplinary approach of the complex world of hair aiming at the well being of our patients.

Dominique Van Neste, MD, PhD
Skinterface, Tournai – Belgique

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