EHRS Meeting: Sunday Sept. 17, 2000

Morning sessions
Meet the experts at the microscope
8.00 - 9.30 Course 3: Comparing the morphology of hair, feather and teeth development
C.-M. Chuong, Los Angeles, California, USA (C 3)
8.00 - 9.30 Course 4: Histopathology of alopecia in horizontal sections
D. Whiting, Dallas, Texas, USA (C 4)
Clinical case reports
Chairpersons: R. Grimalt, Barcelona, Spain
R. M. Happle, Marburg, Germany
9.30 - 10.30 Selected cases will be presented
10.30 - 11.00 Coffee break / commercial exhibition / Poster Viewing
Genetic defects involving the hair
Chairpersons: H. Hamm, Würzburg, Germany
B. Korge, Cologne, Germany
D.J. Tobin, Bradford, England
11.00 - 11.35 Introductory lecture: Genes and hair
P.M. Steijlen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (L 4)
11.35 - 11.45 Localization of the gene for hypotrichosis congenita Marie Unna - linkage analysis and contig construction
1M. Van Steensel, 1M. Van Geel, 2F. J. Smith, 2C. M. Colema, 2W.H.I. McLean, 2P. M. Steijlen, 1Nijmegen, The Netherlands; 2Dundee, UK (F 19)
11.45 - 11.55 A gene for hypotrichosis simplex of the scalp maps to chromosome 6p21.3
1R. Betz, 2Y-A. Lee, 3A. Bygum, 3F. Brandrup, 4A. Bernal, 4J. Toribio, 4J. Alvarez, 1G.Kukuk, 3H. Ibsen, 3H. Rasmussen, 5T.F. Wienker, 2A. Reis, 1P. Propping, 6R. Kruse, 1S. Cichon,1M. Nöthen, 1Bonn, 2Berlin, 6 Düsseldorf, Germany; 3Odense, Denmark; 4 Compostela, Spain (F 20)
11.55 - 12.05

Monilethrix: Mutational hotspot in the helix termination motif of the human hair basic keratin 6
1L. Horev, 2B. Glaser, 3A. Metzker, 4D. Ben-Amitai, 5D. Vardi, 1A.Zlotogorski 1, 2Jerusalem, 3Tel Aviv, 4Petah-Tikva, 5Beer Sheba, Israel (F 21)

12.05 - 12.15

Identification of two new mutations in the gene responsible for the tricho-rhino-phalangeal syndrome type I
1C.S. Seitz, 2H.-J. Lüdecke, 1N. Wagner, 1E.-B. Bröcker, 1H. Hamm 1Würzburg, 2Essen, Germany (F 22)

12.15 - 12.25 Human nude-ity exposed: a nonsense mutation in the WHN gene underlies congenital alopecia and nail dystrophy with severeT-cell immunodeficiency
1J.Frank, 2C. Pignata, 2L. Gaetaniello, 2N. Pozzi, 3A.M. Christiano, 1Aachen, Germany; 2Naples, Italy; 3New York, USA (F 23)
12.25 - 12.35 Congenital atrichia in a Palestinian patient resulting from a mutation in the human hairless gene
1A. Zlotogorski, 2A.M. Christiano, 1Jerusalem, Israel; 2New York, USA (F 24)
12.35 - 12.45 Androgenetic alopecia: relationship to genetic variability in the human hairless gene
1R. Kruse, 2A.M. Hillmer, 2S. Cichon, 3F. Macciardi, 2M.M. Nöthen, 1Düsseldorf, 2Bonn, Germany; 3Toronto, Canada (F 25)
12.45 - 12.55 Enhanced expression of SRY and SOX9 genes in balding scalp of men with androgenetic alopecia
1WenChieh Chen, 2Ren-Yu Tsai, 1Wen-Chuan Hsieh, 1Tainan, 2Taipei, Taiwan (F 26)
12.55 - 13.05 The X-linked gene defect of adrenoleukodystrophy is involved in androgenetic alopecia
1A. König, 1R. Happle, 1E. Tchitcherina, 1J.R. Schaefer, 2P. Sokolowski, 2W. Köhler, 1R. Hoffmann, 1Marburg, 2Wermsdorf, Germany (F 27)
13.05 - 13.15 Pili annulati: new hair shaft and follicle findings with pedigree analysis in 3 families
1K.A. Feldmann, 2D.A.R. de Berker, 1H. Wolff, 3D.J.P. Ferguson, 4M.R. Pittelkow, 3R.P.R. Dawber, 1Munich, Germany; 2Bristol, 3Oxford, UK; 4Rochester, USA (F 28)
13.15 - 13.50

Closing lecture: The hair follicle as a target for gene therapy
G. Cotsarelis, Philadelphia, USA (L 5)

Summary and Adjourn
13.50 - 14.00 R. Happle, Marburg, Germany
R. Hoffmann, Marburg, Germany
Lunch sessions / Lunch / Commercial exhibition / Poster viewing
14.00 - 15.30

The value of hair cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
R. M. Trüeb, Zürich, Switzerland (LS 4)

14.00 - 15.30
Critical review of hair removal approaches
W. Stolz, M. Wimmershoff, U. Hohenleutner, Regensburg, Germany (LS 5)
14.00 - 15.30
Management of scarring alopecias
H. Wolff, Munich, Germany (LS 6)
End of the meeting

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