EHRS Meeting: Poster List Sept. 16-17, 2000


Poster session
A database of elemental and trace elemental distributions within the virgin segment of caucasian scalp fibres
1B. Forslind, 2B. Stocklassa, 1Stockholm, 2Gothenburg, Sweden (P 1)
The importance of self-help organizations for hair patients and dermatologists
J. Latz, Krefeld, Germany (P 2)
Multifactorial classification of male and female androgenetic alopecia
P. Bouhanna, Paris, France (P 3)
Diploma of scalp pathology and surgery
University of Paris VI - Medical School - Year 2000 - 2001

P. Bouhanna, M. Divaris, F. Guilbert, Paris, France (P 4)
Repair of „en coup de sabre“-induced alopecia with follicular unit transplantation
S.-W. Park, J.W. Kim, H.Y. Wang, Pusan, Korea (P 5)
Substance P stimulates human hair follicle growth in vitro
W.-S. Lee, I.-B. Sohn, Wonju, Korea (P 6)
Marie Unna hereditary hypotrichosis: first Australian family
1J. Green, Berker, 1R. Sinclair, 1Melbourne, Australia; 2Bristol, UK (P 7)
Pili annulati: characterization of the phenotype
1J. Green, Berker, 1L. Fitzpatrick, 1S. Forrest, 1R. Sinclair, 1Melbourne, Australia; 2 Bristol, UK (P 8)
Chemical composition of the hair cuticle: cornified envelope (ce) proteins in
epicuticle and a-layer

H. Zahn, F.-J. Wortmann, H. Höcker, Aachen, Germany (P 9)

Trichotillomania with seasonal appearance resulting in a trichobezoar
A.De Donno, T. Titzmann, B.-R. Balda, Augsburg, Germany (P 10)

Netherton syndrome
A. Godiæ, V. Dragoš, I. Bartenjev, M. Potoènik, Ljubljana, Slovenia (P 11)
Hair-growing activity of procyanidin B-2
1A. Kamimura, 1T. Takahashi, 1Y. Yokoo, 2S. Honda, 2Y. Watanabe, 1Ibaraki, 2Tokyo, Japan (P12)
Dandruff skin morphology and impact of the use of an anti-dandruff product
J.R. Schwartz, T.L. Dawson, R.R. Warner,Y. Boissy, Cincinnati, USA (P 13)
The lanc rat: a cycling alopecic mutant whose phenotype resembles the lanceolate mouse
1N. Crossley, 2M. Robinson, 3A.J. Reynolds, 4R.M. Porter, 2M. Demarchez, 3C. Jahoda, 1Leeds, 3Durham, 4Dundee, UK; 2Sophia Antipolis, France (P 14)
Effect on hair growth of HEM-13/HDC (a mixture of 8 herbal extracts) in human and C3H mice
E.-Y. Choi, Y.-J. Park, B. Ro, M.-H. Chung, Seoul, Korea (P 15)
Treatment of pseudopelade with acitretin or thalidomide : an open study in 17 patients
C.Jouanique, P. Assouly, B. Matard, P. Reygagne, Paris, France (P 16)
Cultured antler skin offers a novel model for investigating follicular development (neogenesis) in vitro
N.A. Croft, V.A. Randall, Bradford, UK (P 17)
Implication of protein kinase C isoforms in the regulation of hair follicle vascularization in vivo and in vitro
S. Thibaut, S. Lachgar, F. Saint-Cyr, M. Charveron, Y. Gall, Toulouse, France (P 18)
Influence of melatonin and melatonin antagonists on hair shaft length and proliferation in cultivated human hair follicles
T.W. Fischer, A. Fischer, B. Knöll, U.C. Hipler, P. Elsner, Jena, Germany (P 19)
Adrenomdedullin: expression and role in human skin and hair follicle differentiation
1F.B. Müller, 2S. Müller-Röver, 1B.P. Korge, 2S. Kapas, 2M. Philpott, 1Cologne, Germany; 2London, UK (P 20)
Autocrine and paracrine regulation of PDGF-A and PDGF-B gene expression and the corresponding PDGF receptor in cultured dermal papilla cells and follicular keratinocytes of the human hair follicle
H.Kamp, C.C. Geilen, C.E. Orfanos, U. Blume-Peytavi, Berlin, Germany (P 21)
Hair quality study in male subjects with androgenetic alopecia treated with finasteride (1mg/d) or placebo
B. de Brouwer, T. Leroy, D. Van Neste, Tournai, Belgium (P 22)
Substituted indole carboxylic acids are potent and selective inhibitors of either type-1 or type-2 human steroid 5-alpha reductase
1C. Gerst, 2M. Dalko, 2P. Pichaud, 2J.B. Galey, B. Buan, 1B.A .Bernard, 1Clichy, 2Aulnay sous Bois, France (P 23)
The level of microelements Mg, Cu, Zn in hair and nails of children suffering with alopecia totalis/subtotalis and alopecia areata
1N. Konstantinova, 2D. Gaevski, 1Moscow, Russia; 2USA (P 24)
The prevalence and types of androgenetic alopecia in Koreans
W.-Y. Sim, J.-H. Paik, Kwang Hyun Cho, Seoul, Korea (P 25)
Multi-injection plate for intralesional corticosteroid treatment of patchy alopecia areata
J. Ferrando, G.A. Moreno-Arias, R. Grimalt, Barcelona, Spain (P 26)

Unilateral gynecomastia induced by 1 mg oral finasteride. Report of 3 cases
1J. Ferrando, 1R. Grimalt, 1M. Alsina, 1F. Bulla, 2E. Manasievska, 1Barcelona, Spain; 2 Skopje, Macedoni (P 27)

Hair repigmentation, a novel clinical sign in porphyria cutanea tarda
F.C.G. Shaffrali, A.J.G. McDonagh, A. Messenger, Sheffield, UK (P 28)

Hair growth control by follistatin
1M. Nakamura, 1K. Foitzik, 2M. Matzuk, 3U. Halsner, 3S. Eberle, 1R. Paus, 1Hamburg, 3München, Germany; 2Baylor, USA (P 29)
Cyclosporin A stimulates hair shaft production, follicle keratinocyte proliferation as well as HGF and VEGF expression, and inhibits catagen devolopment in organ-cultured mouse vibrissae follicles
1,2W.X. Fan, 1W.Y. Zhu, 2L. Mecklenburg, 2R. Paus, 1Nanjing, China; 2Hamburg, Germany (P 30)
Histiocytic cytophagic panniculitis manifested as alopecia
L. Török, L. Krenács, Á. Kirschner, Szeged, Hungary (P 31)
Effect of a biotechnicaly enhanced herb extract on human hair follicle growth in vitro
Z.d. Xia, M. Hughes, G.W. Cherry, Oxford, UK (P 32)
C-MYC, MAX and BIN1 expression in human anagen hair follicles
I. Barajon, E. Donetti, C. Rumio, A. Imberti, P. Castano, Milan, Italy (P 33)
Disassembling of the human hair follicle pigmentary unit during in vitro induced catagen-like regression
C. Rumio, E. Donetti, I. Barajon, A. Imberti, P. Castan, Milan, Italy (P 34)
Effect of calcium channel blockers on proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts of hair follicles in culture and substantiation of their use to treat alopecia areata patients
L.P. Mazitova, M. A. Chirenko, Moscow, Russia (P 35)
Sonic stress or substance P injection upregulate intrafollicular apoptosis, and downregulate follicular proliferation in mice
1B. Handjiski, 2R. Paus, 1E. Hagen, 1R. Pliet, 1E.R. Joachim, 1B. Klapp, 1P. Arck; 1Berlin, 2 Hamburg, Germany (P 36)
Office-based photographic documentation of hair growth in men treated with oral finasteride 1mg/day for androgenetic alopecia
R.M. Trüeb, U. Bader, Zürich, Switzerland (P 37)
The skin microvasculature regresses by apoptosis during catagen-development in murine skin
1L. Mecklenburg, 2D.J. Tobin, 1S. Sevinc, 1S. Ergün, 1R. Paus, 1Hamburg, Germany; 2Bradford, UK (P 38)

Diffuse alopecia areata in a patient with Crohn’s disease
1H.J. Lee, 1M.Y. Kim, 2D.A. Whiting, 1J.W. Kim, 1Seoul, Korea; 2Dallas, USA (P 39)

Retinoic acid induces catagen by TGF-ß2 upregulation in human hair follicles in vitro
1T. Spexard, 1R. Paus, 2U. Halsner, 2S. Eberle, 1K. Krause, 1I. Moll, 1K. Foitzik,
1Hamburg, 2Gräfelfing, Germany (P 40)
Expression of prolactin and its receptor in skin is hair-cycle dependent and prolactin is able to induce catagen in murine skin organ culture
1K. Krause, 1R. Paus, 2A. Nixon, 2S. Kelly, 2A. Craven, 2A. Pearson,1T. Spexard, 1I. Moll, 1K. Foitzik, 1Hamburg, Germany; 2Hamilton, New Zealand (P 41)
Choreography of melanocyte migration into the hair follicle and segregation of melanocyte subpopulations during skin appendage morphogenesis
1E.M.J. Peters, 2D.J. Tobin, 3N. Botchkareva, 4M. Maurer, 1R. Paus, 1Hamburg, 4Mainz, Germany; 2Bradford, UK; 3Boston, USA (P 42)
Serial cultivation of human dermal papilla cells retaining the hair-inducing ability
K. Toyoshima, Y. Sasaki, A. Satoh, M. Inamatsu, S. Oomizu, K. Yoshizato, Hiroshima, Japan (P 43)
Characterization of developing hair follicle induced by cultured dermal papilla cells
T. Endo, S. Oomizu, M. Inamatsu, K. Yoshizato, Hiroshima, Japan (P 44)
The novel drug CS-891 inhibits 5-alpha reductase activity in the dermal papilla of human hair follicles
1S. Niiyama, 2K. Kojima, 2T. Hamada, 1R. Happle, 1R. Hoffmann, 1Marburg, Germany; 2Tokyo, Japan (P 45)
Influence of estrogens on the androgen metabolism in different subunits of human hair follicles
S. Niiyama, R. Hoffmann, Marburg, Germany (P 46)
Differential gene expression in human dermal papilla cells versus dermal sheath fibroblasts
K.J. McElwee, A. Huth, E. Wenzel, R. Hoffmann, Marburg, Germany (P 47)
Dietary soy oil content affects susceptibility to alopecia areata in C3H/HeJ mice
1K. J. McElwee, 1S. Niiyama, 1E. Wenzel, 1P. Freyschmidt-Paul, 2J.P. Sundberg, 1R. Hoffmann, 1Marburg, Germany; 2Bar Harbor, USA (P 48)
Use of crude hair follicle extracts to induce, or to increase, resistance to alopecia areata in C3H/HeJ mice
1K.J. McElwee, 1E. Wenzel, 1P. Freyschmidt-Paul, 2J.P. Sundberg, 1R. Hoffmann, 1Marburg, Germany; 2Bar Harbor, USA (P 49)

Human hair growth promoted by immunophilin ligands
A. Krisp, S. Niiyama, E. Wenzel, A. Huth, R. Happle, R. Hoffmann, Marburg, Germany (P 50)

The association of alopecia areata with HLA in Korea
H. Kim, H. Lee, Seoul, Korea (P 51)

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