Ko J, Lee K, Lee S, Hwang E, Shin D, Choi K
Laboratory of Natural Product, KT&G Central Institute, Deajeon, Korea

To find the effective compound on alopecia, we carried out a screening test of the several species of higher plants by using 5a-reductase enzyme assay. Among them, methanol extract of Iris species showed significantly to inhibit 5a-reductase activity. The active compound was isolated by solvent fractionation, silica gel chromatography, and HPLC. The structure was elucidated as isopallason (IP) by using NMR ad Mass Instrument. To evaluate effects of IP on alopecia in vivo, we used dihydrotestosterone (DHT), 5a-reductase metabolites of testosterone, which is the causative factor in the progress of androgenic alopecia. We applied once a day 50mg/kg body weight of IP combined with 20 mg/kg body weight of DHT to the back region of C57/BL6 mice for 21days. During the application, we observed that DHT treatment abolish hair growth in the mice. However, IP combined with DHT treatment accelerated hair growth in the mice as in vehicle treatment group. To explain this phenomenon, we compared the expression patterns of cytokines related to hair cycle, IGF-1 and TGF-beta, using real time PCR on 15 day and 21 day of the treatment. As the results, a TGF-beta expression was decreased 0.7 fold, and IGF-1 expression was increased 1.8 fold in IP/DHT treatment animals than in DHT treatment animal on 21 day. On the basis of these results, we concluded that IP was effective compound for androgenic alopecia by anagen induction.