A warm welcome from the organisers to the EHRS annual conference

Welcome to the 12th Annual Meeting of the European Hair Research Society held at Imperial College in London.

With delegates from five continents, the meeting promises to be both informative and enjoyable. Over 70 scientificcommunications are in the programme, including some of the most recent studies on basic hair biology, genetics, model systems, pharmacology, cosmetic science and clinical aspects of hair disease. As well as oral and poster presentations of submitted abstracts, there will be workshops on current topics in the fields of hair follicle neuroendocrinology, hair follicle and epidermal interactions, chemotherapy alopecia and scalp health. The Society is delighted to have Professor Fiona Watt as the John Ebling Lecturer in 2006 with the title ‘Generating new hair follicles in adult epidermis’. Professor John Manning will give our other invited lecture on the topic of digit ratios and sex-dependent traits. We warmly thank all those involved in organising the meeting and all the companies who have provided sponsorship of this important forum for scientific interchange.

Andrew G. Messenger

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